Four Key Factors that can Help You in Losing Those Extra Pounds

Losing weight has become the new rage amongst the people around and they are now looking for newer and better ways to shed all those extra kilos. This is where most of them have reached out to all the health specialist and nutritionist around. Hardly have they known that the same weight can be managed by making some smaller changes in their daily eating habits. Carlos Polit, one of the most recognized chefs around, also emphasize on the importance of a healthy diet in getting rid of that extra weight. As per him, getting along with the following few habits can really help you in your weight loss regimen.

Eat the right food

You cannot shed some good weight in short time if you are not consuming the most balanced diets including the right nutrition along. Talking on the right food, it must include food items that are high in proteins and fibers and low in fats and carbs. Once your daily diet is higher in proteins and fibers, your body would consume lesser calories whilst staying filled for longer durations. As per Carlos Polit Miami, you must also avoid junk food, fried food and food rich in sugar as that would bring more calories to your gut.

Carlos Polit

Water intake

Water holds the 70% of our total body volume and this is where it has been deemed as the life saving beverage. Besides being the most important beverage for our life, it also helps you shedding some extra weight around. Drinking water before the meals would help you in feeling full and thus you are expected to have lesser food during your meals, which would then result in lesser calories to your body. Carlos Polit Ecuador says that this way, your body would go in a calorie deficit and you can easily lose all the unwanted weight from your body.


Having good sleep is as important as any other aspect in a weight loss diet regimen. Studies and researches have confirmed that people who don’t take enough sleep are tending to gain more weight than those who would. Hence, everyone that is looking to lose some good weight easily must ensure sleeping for 6-8 hours after getting along the diet and water intake factor.


Exercising helps in increasing in blood circulation of our body and it also helps in enhancing our metabolism alongside. So, once the metabolism has been improved, your body is tend to digest the consumed food faster and there is less chance that it would store any extra fat around the body.

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