Keto chocolate shake is surely an incredible way to kickoff your mornings on a keto diet. While chocolate will add some amazing taste and texture to the blend, other added ingredients will enhance the flavors.

Carlos polit, who has been known as one of the best chefs around the world, suggests this recipe to everyone who loves to feast on a liquid diet daily.

The recipe for this shake is very straightforward and simple. Still, there are certain points that you must consider before starting ahead with the preparation of this recipe.

Points to ponder before preparing the Keto chocolate shake

Don’t forget to include Keto friendly foods

According to carlos polit Ecuador, the main aim of this shake is to bring on the required nutrition and nourishment to your body while staying on par with keto diet guidelines. So, as this diet majorly focuses on the inclusion of high fats, moderate proteins, and low carbs, we should follow the same rule during its preparation.

Carlos polit Miami

Avoid any refined or processed food option

A Keto diet disallows the utilization of any processed or refined food option. Thus, a similar principle should be followed during the preparation of this recipe also. Carlos polit Miami says that this is the reason why this shake is way unique and more beneficial than the wide range of different shakes available around.

You can in any case utilize some different ingredients and condiments while staying in par with the keto guidelines. For instance, you can include peanut butter instead of chocolate if you don’t like chocolate.

Track your calories

Carlos polit moscato suggests that one must continuously watch out their daily calorie consumption while preparing this Keto chocolate shake with almond milk into your every day schedule. While the majority of the ingredients inside this shake are low in calories, you need to remain careful about the portions and serving size.

Why this shake is highly beneficial for your health?

This shake comes stacked with some great nutrition that will help you to accomplish your weight loss objectives. As per carlos polit miami herald, other than being low in calories, this Keto chocolate shake brings some high quality proteins, healthy carbs, fibers and healthy fats to your body.

Ingredients required for the preparation of this Keto chocolate shake

• Unsweetened almond milk (1/3 cup)

• Almond spread ( 3 tablespoons )

• cacao powder (1 tablespoon)

• Coconut oil (1 tablespoon)

• Natural stevia with no artificial flavors (1 teaspoon)

• Ice cubes ( Optional)

Steps for preparation

Step 1.

Put in all the required ingredients into a blender. Pour in the solid ingredients first to avoid the creation of lumps to the mix.

Step 2.

Blend for around 1-2 minutes and continue checking whether the desired taste, texture and thickness have been accomplished. Put the ice cubes at this stage and mix the blend for an additional 30 seconds.

Step 3.

Your Keto chocolate shake is ready to be served. Top it up with some dark chocolate chips or some other garnishes of your decision.

Handy tips for the preparation

• You can include some avocadoes on top to this shake to enhance the taste and texture

• If you want to add some more thickness to the shake, use a thickener called xantham gum

• Replace the almond milk with nutty spread in the event that you don’t like the flavor and taste of almonds in the shake

• Raw cacao powder can be replaced by dark chocolate chips in the mix. All things considered, it’s smarter to go with the latter because of its improved dietary properties

• Utilize skimmed milk or some other sorts of milk if you don’t like the taste and texture of almond milk


This Keto chocolate shake can appropriately serve your health and wellness objectives with all the vital nutrition for your body. You can include any ingredient of your choice while staying complaint of the rules and guidelines of a keto diet.

Moreover, people that are allergic to milk or other ingredients in the list must give this recipe a skip. Additionally, consult your doctor or physician if you are diagnosed with any random health issues or complications.

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