Top Three Spices in World Which Can Bring an Extra Hint of Flavor to Your Kitchen

Spices play a key role in bringing a whole different magic to any of the given dishes and after the chef who prepared them, they can certainly be held responsible for its good or bad taste. Carlos Polit, who himself comes over as one of the leading chefs around, also emphasize on the same fact. As per him, you cannot imagine a tasty dish without the right amount and quality of spices. Well, while we are talking about the spices, let’s take a look at some of the major types of spices which have been used worldwide.

1. Coriander seeds

Well, if there’s one spice which is been highly used across every dish around, that the coriander seeds. While the coriander seeds got their origin from Morocco, you can find them around in almost every major cuisine across the globe. Talking about their taste, they will bring some lemony sweet flavors to the whole dish after cooking. Even Carlos Polit Miami agrees to the same fact and says that Coriander seeds can be termed as an ultimate king of flavor spices and he use them in almost every other dish he prepares.

Carlos Polit

Well, you first have to toast the seeds and then ground them perfectly before adding them to your preferred dish or cuisine .There are a number of curries, meat dishes and breads that have got their flavored enhanced with coriander seeds.

2. Turmeric powder

Turmeric can surely be deemed as an all-rounder in the spice world and besides adding a wholesome flavor, it can also be used as an antiseptic to treat various health ailments. Usually, Turmeric is been heavily used to offer that yellowish colored woody flavor to various dishes like lentil stews, rice and vegetables. As per Carlos Polit, it’s not just about the selected dishes and Turmeric offers a perfect punch to most of the baked goods and sauces.

3. Ginger

Even though it’s been termed as an herb, you cannot finish up this list without putting a mention of Ginger. While it’s been used in numerous curries, cooked vegetables and smoothies, it offers a sharp sweet flavor to whatever dish you bring it into. Beside certain Indian and Thai dishes, Ginger is heavily been used to make tea, which is surely one of the most consumed beverages across the globe.

Talking about its usage, Carlos Polit Moscato suggests about its usage in thin slices (while ensuring minimal quantity due to its sharp taste).

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